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An invitation to the Registered Functional Therapist RFT designation for Occupational Therapists
Learn more about this exciting new designation that is only available for Occupational and Physical Therapists.
Occupational Therapist?
Become a Registered Functional Therapist RFT and expand your practice.
Are you a dedicated licensed professional Occupational Therapist who is tired of being mistaken for a a career counsellor or work rehab specialist? The RFT designation allows you to show that you are one of the elites of medically based and wholistic health treatment.
The Registered Functional Therapist RFT
A Registered Functional Therapist still practices under the protection of their Occupational Therapy License. The RFT designation helps clarify how you will help your clients regain a functional and balanced life. The reunification of OT and PT shows you are one of the elite therapists.
Clarify and Expand Your Practice
What does the Registered Functional Therapist RFT designation do for you? Sometimes Occupational Therapy is hard to understand. It can get mixed up with some other professions. The RFT designation is only available to licensed OT and PT professionals. 
It's About You and The People You Help Every Day
You are a talented and dedicated professional. Your clients recognize your skill and caring. The application process ensures that our candidates are striving to uphold a high level of professional ethics and responsibility. 

Ed Kaine, OT, RFT says:

I'm very happy that OTs, PTs, PTAs, OTAs, and Licensed Massage Therapists can now be part of the Functional Therapy movement. Meeting so many great therapists who are advanced students of John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach has taught me that we need a way for the many excellent Therapists to stand out. 

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